90 Miles From Tyranny : TV Interview With Lazy, Illiterate, Polygamist Syrian Migrant Shocks German Viewers

Thursday, February 22, 2018

TV Interview With Lazy, Illiterate, Polygamist Syrian Migrant Shocks German Viewers

German media reported recently on a 32-year-old Syrian, who lives with six children - a seventh is expected soon - and his two wives in Pinneberg. Although polygamy is strictly banned under German law, Ahmad adheres to Sharia law with German regulatory approval.

During the Spiegel TV interview with the Syrian, he only granted his wives permission to speak after a while. The women barely had a say in the report. It seems that the only thing they were allowed to say was to express their satisfaction with their promised fate.

Ahmad, an illiterate, and his wives are also satisfied with the apartment financed by the German taxpayer. In the single bedroom – so we learn – the three do not sleep together, but in succession. Being a second wife is obviously a shift worker job.

Ahmad wishes for four wives and 10 to 20 children and would eventually need a larger flat. His third future wife still lives in Syria. For the fourth wedding, the illiterate imagines wedding a German woman, provided she is a Muslim. She may even be only 13, as was the case with one of his current wives.

Ahmad does not want to work or take a German course either. He prefers to be with the children, he says. He is an example to them of a father who does not speak German, nor does he have to work.

The Syrian is keenly aware that all of this is real luxury. He is full of gratitude while he enthuses about “Mama Merkel” and the Germans, “even if there are racists among them”.

Instead of critical thought, Spiegel TV gushes about the “insight into another world. With other norms, other values. But with a life goal that unites everyone: to be happy.”

The online editors of Spiegel even tweeted:”So-called polygamy is banned in Germany and not compatible with our moral expectations. But it is allowed in other religions, and it seems to work for this Syrian family as well.”

The fact is that this cultural model only works in Germany through comprehensive social benefits at the expense of the taxpayer, is completely ignored by the Spiegel editors.

SPD politician Karl Lauterbach defended the Syrian’s unwillingness to work for a living:

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