90 Miles From Tyranny : 10 Northern European Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

10 Northern European Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Mysteries, mysteries everywhere. For everything we know, there’s so much more that we don’t. Whether it’s an unsolved crime, an unexplained sighting, or weird things falling from the sky, sometimes there are just no answers.

On this list are ten mysteries from Northern Europe that need solving. Hopefully someday, someone will do just that, especially where doing so could provide closure to the families of those who fell victim to as-yet unsolved crimes.

10Double Murder In Linkoping

On October 19, 2004, Anna-Lena Svensson, 56, and an eight-year-old schoolboy by the name of Mohammed Ammouri were going about their day in Linkoping, Sweden. Suddenly, a commotion startled passersby. The woman collapsed, having been stabbed in her stomach. Minutes after this, while people rushed to her aid, Ammouri also started screaming. Then everything was quiet. Both had been attacked in the street in broad daylight. The little boy died immediately, while the woman lost the fight for her life in the hospital a few days later.[1]

The police collected several pieces of evidence from the scene, including the murder weapon (a butterfly knife) and a piece of clothing. They were confident that they would find the murderer within 24 hours, having set their sights on a suspect who was thought to be mentally ill. Almost 14 years later, police have questioned more than 7,000 suspects, but the murderer is still on the loose. With no apparent motive for the crimes, it seems unlikely at this stage that the case will ever be solved.

9Purple Slime In Lyngen Fjord

8Where’s Beverina Castle?

Latvian history states that Estonians stormed and attacked Beverina Castle in 1208 in the district of Trikata. The Estonians retreated and settled down for the night at a lake near the road of Beverina. However, the crusaders and the Kaupo happened upon them here and chased them away. After this, they had a morning meal at the same lake.[3]

The name of the lake remains unknown as well as the destination to which the road of Beverina led to. However, the biggest mystery remains the location of Beverina Castle. The castle is mentioned 16 times in the Chronicle of Henry and was the residence of Talivaldis. The exact location of the castle is never mentioned. It is thought by archaeologists that the castle may be located on two foothills near Lake Vaidava, but research has never been done to validate this theory.

7What Happened To Greenland’s Vikings?

Photo credit: Ciril Jazbec
In September 1408, Sigrid Bjornsdottir and Thorstein Olafsson married in a beautiful granite church on a fjord slope in Greenland. They had ended up in Greenland after their boat was blown off course while traveling from Norway to Iceland, and they decided to stay and make a life for themselves with the Vikings who had already settled there over hundreds of years. Their union in marriage, as well as other information about the daily goings-on in Greenland, was documented in three letters and recorded by scribes.[4]However, the existence of the Vikings seemingly ceased after these recordings. They simply disappeared.

When Europeans returned to Greenland in the 18th century, they found no human life, only the ruins of the Vikings who once lived and loved there. The most popular theory for their unexplained disappearance was climate change. Cooling temperatures and glaciers forming in the area are thought to have been too much for the Vikings. Soil erosion and lack of trees to build more ships were cited as part of the problem as well. New research, however, suggests that the colder weather may not have been the reason at all. Rather, the Black Death could have caused the Vikings to return to the lands they originally came from. All of this remains speculation at this point, though, and the reason for the vanishing Vikings remains a mystery.

6Swedish Spheres

5Ulfberht Swords

Photo credit: Ancient Pages

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