90 Miles From Tyranny : Commie Pope Is A Hypocrite On Guns....

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Commie Pope Is A Hypocrite On Guns....

..and walls too:

Vatican walls are tall and strong.

Commie Pope Refuses To Tear Down His Walls And Let ALL Migrants in: He Is CLEARLY NOT A CHRISTIAN

Curious Death
Joao Paulo I 05
When Pope Paul VI died, in 1978, it was the mark of the beginning of the year of three Popes. Albino Luciani was elected to succeed him and he chose as his regnal name Pope John Paul I. Curiously, upon his election he told his housekeeper that he would not reign for long. Thirty-three days later he died. The Vatican reported that the near-66-year-old Pope most likely died the previous night of a heart attack. It has been claimed that the Vatican altered some of the details of the discovery of the death to avoid possible unseemliness in that he was discovered by Sister Vincenza, a nun. An autopsy was not performed which, along with inconsistent statements made following the Pope’s death, led to a number of conspiracy theories concerning it. These statements relate to who found the Pope’s body, the time when he was found, and what papers were in his hand. Many believe that John Paul I was murdered either by communists (for planning to resume the traditionally strong stand against it) or freemasons (believed to have infiltrated the Church to its highest echelons).


  1. Then get rid of your weapons, and guards, biatch.

  2. Ever since the Catholic Church quit having "DAGOS" for pope's they went "Down Hill!!!" and "FAST!!!" 5 will get ya' 10 their next one will be either a "Black," a Black "Muslum" or a flat out, sand N166ER!!!!!!
    No S#!t GI!!!!!,