90 Miles From Tyranny : Czech police break down door to arrest six Algerians for gang rape

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Czech police break down door to arrest six Algerians for gang rape

Czech media are reporting that the female victim was attacked in the city’s famous old town on Easter Sunday, the Irish Post reported.

Czech police spokesman Jan Danek said one of the attackers invited the woman back to his room where the Algerian and five of his compatriots gang raped her.

According to Danek the six have been arrested and placed in custody on suspicion of rape. He descibed the alleged rapists as young Algerians born between 1994 and 1998.

“On Monday at 7am the woman called the police and reported to them that she was raped in a hostel at Naprstkova Street,” Danek told the Irish Times.

“The police assault team then came to the place and arrested all the men.” A video of the dramatic Czech assault team arrests have been released on YouTube.

Members of the Special Order Unit can be heard ordering those inside to open the door. But the doors in the Hotel in Naprstkove St. in the centre of Prague, behind which the six Algerians are thought to be hiding, remained closed.

“The door could not be opened, not even with the spare key, and nobody responded to the call-out, which is why the door was taken out with the ram,” commented the police spokesman.

Czech media obtained the police footage showing armed officers in masks and helmets breaking down a door in the hostel and arresting several suspects lying face-down on the floor, counting them before dragging them off.

The suspects appeared before a Prague court on Thursday. All six have denied the charges against them.

The Irish victim, who has not been named, told the court that she had feared for her life during her ordeal.

The 35-year-old victim said she did not praise the Algerian’s intimate performance sufficiently, which clearly did not please the Algerian.

“Following this, the man brought over five more of his friends, which is when the aforementioned rape is said to have taken place,” Danek explained. The woman reportedly attempted to dissuade the attackers by claiming that she was a teacher, but it did not help. She closed her eyes during the terrible ordeal.

“I could feel as they were switching on me… I was very afraid. I was terrified, I felt horrible, that I am stupid, very mad… I thought they were going to kill me,” she related her feelings to the criminal investigators, according to the Czech daily Pravo.

In her own words, when they were done, they left the room, but one returned and...Read More HERE

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