90 Miles From Tyranny : Eric Holder: ‘Yeah. I’m thinking about’ running for President

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Eric Holder: ‘Yeah. I’m thinking about’ running for President

We’ve discussed the rumors before. Eric Holder, the former attorney general and ethically challenged Fast & Furious centerpiece, wants to be President. At one point, there was some buzz about his placement on the Supreme Court bench, but the Democrats thought it was a good idea to run Hillary in 2016. We all know how that ended up. Since Holder is probably not headed for the SCOTUS, he’s got his eye on the White House.

Yesterday, he confirmed that he’s at least thinking about making a run.

There are two ways you can react to this. The first is to freak out and run around the room screaming “Oh my God, oh my God, ‘President Eric Holder’ would be a complete nightmare.” While you’re right to think that, you should really just relax. The second, and more appropriate, way to react is to chuckle.

Eric Holder doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades of winning …anything. If you thought Hillary was a divisive and widely despised candidate who brought a lot of baggage to the campaign trail, just wait until candidate Eric Holder takes the stage. This is a guy who actually said he wants to brainwash people into accepting gun control. He’s been held in contempt of Congress, was instrumental in a program that poured illegal weapons into...Read More HERE

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edutcher said...

By all means, clown, get up there where you have to explain yourself.

Love to see him nailed on F&F.