90 Miles From Tyranny : MSNBC Tries to Solve Racism With Bigoted Shots at White People

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

MSNBC Tries to Solve Racism With Bigoted Shots at White People

On Tuesday, ABC canceled their hit show Roseanne because of racially charged tweets and it just so happened to be the same day MSNBC was airing their Everyday Racism in America town hall event. Along with talking about the news of the day, the program was dripping with hypocrisy from both the guests and hosts. And according to one guest in particular, the way you get all white people to stop being racist is to make bigoted comments about them.

First off, the hypocrisy in MSNBC’s attempt to solve racism and bigotry was pervasive. The co-hosts of the event were Chris Hayes and Joy Reid. It was the same Joy Reid whose years-old homophobic blog posts had recently stirred up controversy. She even suggested hackers planted the posts to frame her despite cybersecurity experts saying that wasn’t true. She also had an award from an LGBT group rescinded.

The event also featured the infamous Al Sharpton, who himself has a long history of making his own racist remarks targeting Jews. Sharpton has defended an anti-Jewish remark he made when he referred to a Jewish landlord as a “white interloper.” “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house,” he said prior to the 1991 Brooklyn riots.

The hypocrisy didn’t stop there as they had “anti-racism activist” Tim Wise excitedly assert that all white people were raised to put their comfort above black lives. “Well, here's the thing, white-America has been raised to believe, A, the police are always the good guys and, frankly, that black lives matter less than white comfort and until we deal with that, until we deal with the reality,” he exclaimed to the roar of the crowd.

“When you know that is what happens, what you are saying is my discomfort with you right now is worth more than the potential that your life could be snuffed in ten minutes. Until that stops, nothing is going to change,” he continued. These kinds of smears against white people are not how you bring people together. And Wise wasn’t done attacking white people yet.

A short time later, Reid invited Wise to slam and stereotype white people who were “gentrifying” the inner cities. “The irony is, the gentrifiers of today, their parents or their grandparents ran away from the city to get away from black and brown folk,” he bitterly spat. He also suggested those white people were out to target black people:
And now their children and grandchildren are saying, “oh, the suburbs, there's only so many Olive Gardens I can go to. So I need to go back to the city and get my life in the city. But when I do that, I need to have my hot yoga studio and my pottery studio and my stuff represented and if you intrude on that, I will then call the police.”
His animosity was so strong, it almost sounded like he wanted white people to stay out of the cities entirely. That really doesn’t sound like he’s out to end racism.

Hayes also got into the act a slinging mud as he then...

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