90 Miles From Tyranny : Facebook Admits It Blocked Republican Candidate’s Pro-Second Amendment Ad

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Facebook Admits It Blocked Republican Candidate’s Pro-Second Amendment Ad

Facebook admits it blocked Florida State Rep. Matt Caldwell’s (R-79) pro-Second Amendment ad.

On Tuesday the Tampa Bay Times reported that Caldwell’s ad had been blocked on Facebook, which included blocking news that the NRA had endorsed Caldwell for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.

Caldwell’s campaign said they received a message from Facebook, which said: “Not Approved: Your ad can’t promote the sale of weapons or ammunition.” He responded, “Facebook’s liberal agenda is keeping our campaign for Commissioner of Agriculture from sharing our message. Facebook has mislabeled our ad in an effort to censor our pro-Second Amendment support and endorsement from the NRA.”

Fox News reports that Caldwell’s ad was 15 seconds long. In it, he said, “I’m Matt Caldwell. I like guns. I love the Second Amendment, and I support our president. That’s why I’m endorsed by the NRA.”

Amid public backlash, the social media site said they had mistakenly rejected the ad and, as of Tuesday evening, they had ...Read More HERE


Kye said...

Being an actual conservative and not some RINO or neverTrump imposter I find it very difficult to call for new laws unless I think they're really necessary. We need laws regulating these internet platforms since they are the "utilities" of the 21st century and all Americans should have equal unfettered access to them. Allowing Facebook to decide whether they will run ads or anything else as decided by their own prejudices, bigotry or political conviction is the same today as if Bell Tel decided democrats shouldn't be able to get phones because Ma Bell didn't like what they were saying back in 1989. We either have free speech or we don't and any company providing speech related services should be required by law to accept anything not deemed illegal or immoral by the prevailing laws.

Doom said...

Google, through blogger and youtube, are as bad or worse. They go through spells were it gets much worse. I suspect they are about to be broken, the fake likes, clicks, bad reports, and censorship are about to explode in their faces. Finances, for all of them, from advertisers, deep state, and msm support/collusion is all hitting the wall. Americans are about to win, or deep state is going to attempt a coup. Either way, big tech doesn't care and seems to be doubling down.