90 Miles From Tyranny : Imagine If Trump Had Done This....

Friday, July 20, 2018

Imagine If Trump Had Done This....


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  2. I come to the realization that some voters cast their votes for the most ignorant, most foolish idiots on the ballot just as an insult to the existing members of Congress who have refused to do the work we send them there do? and then those same voters lament that they sold their most cherished right down the river Styx for a joke? sometimes i really wonder...

    1. That's extremely kind an charitable of you to think they do it as a joke.

      I'm far less optimistic. I think they vote that way because they're morons.

  3. If Pres. Trump had done one of items above...so why is Hill getting away with it and I understand is planning on running 2020. God help us. The FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ need to be cleaned up NOW. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE FOR PRES. TRUMP. Make sure you vote Republican in the Senate and the House to get America back!


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