90 Miles From Tyranny : Scorned FBI Lover Lisa Page Torched Cheating FBI Partner Peter Strzok; “Lisa is on a Warpath”

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Scorned FBI Lover Lisa Page Torched Cheating FBI Partner Peter Strzok; “Lisa is on a Warpath”

In the end, Peter Strzok’s FBI lover Lisa Page “sold out” the FBI executive and divulged many improprieties he was involved in along with other FBI brass, according to FBI insiders.

Strzok was fired today from the FBI.

FBI insiders said Page, his former lover, was “instrumental in getting him terminated.”

“Lisa is on a warpath,” one former colleague said. “She is not done either.”

Fired FBI leaders Andrew McCabe, James Comey and other current FBI leaders like Bill Priestap could be on deck, according to officials familiar with Page’s congressional testimony in hearings and private sessions with her attorney.

Strzok, FBI sources said, is the target of several investigations.

And more could be on the horizon, according to Congressional investigators who spoke to True Pundit’s Thomas Paine.

Lisa Page is angry, according to her associates inside FBI HQ in D.C.

“Remember you guys (True Pundit) had the story where McCabe was going to burn down the FBI?” one agent said. “You may want to rewrite it for Lisa Page. I think she could bring it all down on their heads.”

That’s the word on the street. Page is angry and willing to testify against everyone linked to losing her FBI career.

If her House testimony is any indication, that spells trouble for the Deep-State Sanhedrin. After Page testified, True Pundit reported China had hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails when she was Secretary of State.

That is something James Comey and Robert Mueller — two former FBI chiefs spanning the time frame of the hacks — never told Congress. Why?

What else does Page know?

Plenty. And everything about Andrew McCabe.

Some FBI insiders said Page has gotten a bad reputation because people only know her by her text exchanges with FBI Agent Peter Strzok, but Page is a capable, bright lawyer, according to FBI insiders.

And she knows almost all the FBI’s dirty little secrets.

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  1. I do hope Ms Page has engaged capable personal security. Ms. Klinton has still her go to contacts from her various criminal enterprises and at this stage of her career is probably not afraid to use them. also to mention the various "deepstatists" who appear to be willing to do anything up to suicide to maintain a grip on power in the world. just my opinion not backed up by any "facts". where i live, lady justice isn't wearing a blindfold and the bitch ain't blind.

  2. She needs to put out a statement - STAT! - that she is not depressed or suicidal.

  3. With so many people invloved, Arkansas is not an option. Once one of the foot soldiers (like Peter Strzoker)
    turns, the whole row of dominoes will fall. The conspiracy involved so many people that they left trail that
    even Mr. Magoo could follow. The leaders of the Arkansas Mafia (Bill and Hill) cannot kill everyone that
    is likely to turn. Grab some popcorn and get ready for a Republican October Surprise!

  4. Damn autocorrect! First sentence should read Arkancide.


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