90 Miles From Tyranny : Andrew Gillum: We Will Fight to take your guns away and we will win!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Andrew Gillum: We Will Fight to take your guns away and we will win!

If you thought just because we have a Republican president the boogy man is gone. You were wrong. A Florida Mayor running for governor of the sunshine state is claiming he will take away your second amendment rights! 

Andrew Gillum posted to twitter
The gun lobby sued me — twice — and they lost — twice.

When we win, we are going to ban assault weapons in Florida.

And if the gun lobby fights us — and they will — we’ll beat them again.
And just like Levi Strauss hes receiving funds from the Usual suspects.

Rain or shine, Florida @MomsDemand volunteers will be supporting @AndrewGillum, candidate for FL governor 100%! Today, he announced he has been endorsed by @Everytown! Let's y'all!!! ☀️☔️🌴

As we have stated before Gun owners and americans who care their rights need to do more than post to facebook. You need to take action. Mail your representatives and elected officials. Actually show up and vote these scumbags out of office. These same people are attacking our constitution at an alarming rate its no longer the 2nd amendment they are after but...Read More HERE


Angus McThag said...

I did write. I did phone. I even visited my rep's offices.

She still voted for gun control then told me it wasn't gun control.

I didn't have a senator to write, call or visit because the governor didn't think a special election worth the money.

Mr. Bee said...

You can thank 30 years of illegal immigration for the loss of gun rights. That and leftist takeover of the media. It's as if an army had invaded the country aided and abetted by a fifth column of traitors.

Navy91 said...

It has invaded and they ARE a fifth column of traitors. Wish there was more I could do about it.