90 Miles From Tyranny : Hillary Clinton Used Unsecured Blackberry Inside Russia; FBI Director Mueller Ignored Secretary of State’s National Security Breach

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hillary Clinton Used Unsecured Blackberry Inside Russia; FBI Director Mueller Ignored Secretary of State’s National Security Breach

NEW EVIDENCE proves that Hillary Clinton used her personal cell phone inside Russia as Secretary of State, exposing her phone and private email server to extreme risk of hacking by Russian intelligence agencies in mid-October 2009, just 10 months into her 4-year term. Clinton would later lie to the public and the FBI about her security practices in Russia, after apparently forgetting that this photo ever existed.

The archived photo, taken during Secretary of State Clinton’s first official trip to Moscow, shows Hillary talking into what appears to be a rectangular-shaped, black-on-silver Blackberry smartphone. Her awkward hand position–with the length of her hand concealing most of the phone, and fingers wrapped around the top–could have been an attempt to conceal the device from being photographed. The Russian alphabet lettering in the background and caption accompanying the photo stating that Hillary had “traveled to Moscow” leave little doubt that the above photo was taken inside Russia.
Although it was initially published in a mainstream media outlet, there is no indication that the FBI ever knew of this photo’s existence at the time, while Robert Mueller was FBI Director, or later on, while then-FBI Director James Comey and Agent Peter Strzok were supervising the Clinton emails case.

This photo started the investigation, but the Russia photo could finish it.

This iconic photo of Hillary using a Blackberry on a military plane in 2011 prompted a State Department Freedom of Information Act official–but not Mueller’s FBI–to inquire about whether Hillary was using a government-issued device:
The Congressional investigations that followed revealed the existence of Hillary’s private server, her exclusive use of a private email system, and the fact that she never used State Department devices to conduct government business.

Despite all of this evidence, Hillary has squeaked out of Espionage Act and Obstruction of Justice charges by feigning ignorance of classification rules and blaming staff for her misdeeds. The media pushed these falsehoods by claiming that Hillary’s decades in government made her a dedicated public servant who never intended to violate a few minor rules. Hillary even uses the phrase “but my emails” to signify the insignificance of her actions:
With willing accomplices in the FBI, Hillary was able to beat the rap when Jim Comey shrugged his shoulders and concluded that none of her actions were intentional or even criminally negligent–only “careless.” That’s not the legal standard (which says “negligent” mishandling of classified information is a crime), but because people like Comey and...Read More HERE

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