90 Miles From Tyranny : MORE People Getting BANNED! #Walkaway

Friday, September 14, 2018

MORE People Getting BANNED! #Walkaway


  1. Twitter banned again, Mike. Dunno why yet. Last time was cos I referred to Sarah Silverman as "not very funny" and a "skank". I did not notice one hashtag went to her and within 5 minutes Twitter just closed down on me. Dunno why this current ban; the fact I have a landline, not a cell, makes it harder for me to regain access cos they have to do it by email and this makes a 12 hour shut out last up to a few weeks. The fact that they are going after people who just list the already purged in their lists is absolutely horrific.

    If people cannot see that Left Wing Communism is being rapidly enforced by these "harbingers of free speech", they are in need of an education. In fact, I am beginning to think that what began with FB censorship was planned ages ago as part of the censorship we see being clamped upon us today. Yes I see the plan so far back; (((these folks))) plan ahead by the generation ~ the enforcement of Communism is the enforcement of the Talmud upon the rest of us.

    1. They have a zero tolerance policy for non leftist opinion, but allow antifa to call for assassination without repercussion.
      They are doing everything they can to stifle conservatives before the election, to stop the stunning success of our president.


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