90 Miles From Tyranny : Wife Fears Missing Interpol Chief Dead: ‘Everybody In China Is At Risk’

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wife Fears Missing Interpol Chief Dead: ‘Everybody In China Is At Risk’

Orwell’s 1984 is coming to life: That China could simply snatch and ‘disappear’ the head of a major international crime-fighting organization like Interpol, which is based in France, is incredulous. This is comparable to the sudden murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi citizen, in Turkey. 
Grace Meng, wife of former Interpol President Meng Hongwei, began issuing a series of interviews last week, and most recently spoke to the Associated Press this weekend, urging the Chinese government to provide more information on her husband’s whereabouts and guarantee both of their safeties since Beijing admitted to arrested him early this month.

Meng disappeared on September 29 while on a trip to China from France, where he and his wife live and where Interpol’s headquarters are located. China’s Public Security Ministry announced on October 7 that authorities had arrested Meng, who spent decades in Chinese law enforcement before moving to Interpol, on charges of accepting bribes. Beijing has not confirmed to the outside world that Meng is alive or safe, however, and he has not been seen since the day he was reported missing.

Grace Meng told the Associated Press Saturday that Chinese authorities claimed to have a letter Meng had written her as proof of his wellbeing while detained. “They said my husband wrote a letter to me. They said they can only give it to me alone,” she noted.

The officials insisted, however, that she meet with them in private to receive it directly. Fearing for her safety, Meng says she has demanded to meet with an attorney and journalists present, or that the Chinese government hand over the letter to French police to give to her. She is reportedly awaiting a response.

She used her conversation with the AP to argue that, if the Chinese government can so swiftly apprehend the head of an international institution like Interpol, “everybody in China is at risk. Everyone should be concerned that something like this could happen to them.”

“The term anti-corruption in China has become a synonym for crimes that are unjustifiable,” she continued.

In a conversation with the BBC last week, she said she would begin speaking out publicly against the Chinese government in the hopes that public awareness could prevent them from arbitrarily arresting more...Read More HERE

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  1. To be honest, I trust neither. Further, regardless which secular socialist/communist government he (they)worked for, they are Chinese. Which, essentially, lays ownership claims to it's people, to their death. And, he or they technically, are Godless bureaucrats. I would expect them to take bribes. If they are in trouble with their home nation, it has nothing to do with bribes, or any crimes, save those committed with people China has turned against or against people China favors... which can change in a deadly heartbeat.

    Why the hell would a puppet from a communist country be put in charge of Interpol? China isn't a part, even ally, to the EU, or at least not the nations it is supposed to represent. China did the EU a favor, more so if they ended the mole. Communism always screws itself and it's own. Thank God, with Western traitor politicians.


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