90 Miles From Tyranny : Argentine navy submarine found 2,600 feet deep in Atlantic one year after disappearing

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Argentine navy submarine found 2,600 feet deep in Atlantic one year after disappearing

In this undated file photo provided by the Argentina Navy shows an ARA San Juan, a German-built diesel-electric vessel, near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina's navy announced early Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018, that searchers found the missing submarine ARA San Juan deep in the Atlantic (Argentina Navy via AP File)

A submarine that went missing over a year ago together with 44 crewmen aboard has been found, the Argentinian navy said early Saturday.

The ARA San Juan submarine disappeared on Nov. 15 last year, sparking an international search operation assisted by the United States and other countries.

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The discovery of the sub was announced just days after families of the missing sailors held a one-year commemoration, with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri promising the families that he will find “the truth” about the submarine.

The submarine was detected more than 2,600 feet deep in the waters off the Valdes Peninsula in Argentine Patagonia, the navy’s statement said.

Relatives of the crew of the ARA San Juan submarine embrace outside the navy base in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Saturday.(AP)

It said the navy made a “positive identification” by a remote-operated submersible belonging to American ship Ocean Infinity, which famously was involved in the hunt for MH370 plane.

Navy spokesman Rodolfo Ramallo said the discovery was made thanks to the company that “decided to do a new search and, thanks to God, it was able to find the zone,” according to Sky News.

“Now another chapter opens. From the analysis of the state in which the submarine has been found, we will see how...
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1 comment:

griz said...

At least they finally found her.
My heart goes out to the 44 sailors, and their families.
My Dad was a WWII submariner, I heard the stories.
No way in heck for me, I went Army.