90 Miles From Tyranny : Sorry Folks, The Border Is Closed!

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sorry Folks, The Border Is Closed!


Sabre22 said...

No Guns up should be M240 or better yet Ma Duece up in every turret locked and loaded.

matism said...

Except the swill in the Deep State have NO intention of letting the military be used to defend this country's borders:

Hopefully Secretary Mattis will use this opportunity to clean out the sewage from the general ranks.

Do note that they had no problem providing tanks to murder the people at Waco. And do understand that the pretense which put the FedPig swill there in the first place was a LIE. There was never any "machine gun" in that compound, which is what the BATFags were supposedly looking for when they showed up in the first place.