90 Miles From Tyranny : Yvette Felarca’s Attorneys Plan 3rd Dismissal Motion, Claim Video Of Felarca’s Attack May Be Doctored

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Yvette Felarca’s Attorneys Plan 3rd Dismissal Motion, Claim Video Of Felarca’s Attack May Be Doctored

Berkleyside has published an update on the felony case against Antifa leader Yvette Felarca and it sounds as if the case isn’t going very well from the defense attorney’s point of view. In fact, the Berkleyside reporter overheard one of the attorneys saying they would need to come up with a 3rd dismissal motion because pursuing the current path would leave them “buried” in the courtroom. Luckily, they’ll have time to work on that new motion because Felarca’s attorney came down with the flu.

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A preliminary hearing for the case, where Judge Stacy Eurie Boulware will decide whether to send it to trial, began Dec. 6. The hearing was scheduled to continue Dec. 18, but Felarca’s Michigan-based lawyer Shanta Driver has the flu, the defense said, so it was continued to Jan. 22.

In the meantime, the defense is likely to file a third motion to dismiss the case, Felarca told Berkeleyside in the Sacramento courthouse Tuesday.
“We’re continuing to look for ways to have this incredibly illegal case dismissed,” attorney Mark Reichel, who is representing another defendant, told Berkeleyside.

The DA is “selectively prosecuting people that fought fascists,” Reichel said. “We used to call them heroes in World War II.”

Speaking amongst themselves outside the courtroom, the defense attorneys indicated they would file a new dismissal motion that argues the case violates due process because it is politically motivated. If they instead continued on the same path to a trial, “Our bodies will get buried in that courtroom, if you ask me,” said attorney Linda Parisi to some of her colleagues and clients. This reporter, who has previously identified herself to several of the lawyers and defendants, was sitting nearby during the discussion. Other observers were also gathered in the hallway.
You may recall that the judge in this case already refused to dismiss the case against Felarca back in May. The dismissal motion her attorneys filed at that time claimed the case was a “political witch hunt” but the judge concluded, ” nothing in these exhibits supports the...
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