90 Miles From Tyranny : Lone Sheriff Battles Illegal Immigrant Crime in Small Texas County

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Lone Sheriff Battles Illegal Immigrant Crime in Small Texas County

In a small Texas county, a lone sheriff battles with crimes committed by illegal immigrants that include vehicle pursuits, drug trafficking, and dead bodies cast out by human traffickers.

Such criminal activity has become commonplace in Refugio County, leaving Sheriff Raul “Pinky” Gonzales to deal with the spiraling crime rates brought on by illegal aliens.

An illegal immigrant must travel through at least five counties beyond the U.S.–Mexico border to reach the small county of Refugio, with a population of around 7,300.

Most illegal aliens picked up by Pinky were on their way to Houston, just 165 miles northeast, said the small town sheriff, who is the only senior law enforcement official in the county. “Houston is like a staging area for them,” he said during an interview."And from there, some of them go to California, some go to New York, a lot of them go up north to Boston.

Vehicle pursuits are a common occurrence in Refugio County, which is just one of 254 counties in the state. On the day he spoke to The Epoch Times, Sheriff Gonzales said just that morning, two different groups of illegal aliens were captured.

In one instance, a vigilant driver saw a hand sticking out of the bed of a pickup truck and called authorities.

Nine illegal aliens and the smuggler, or “coyote,” were subsequently arrested.In a second incident on the same morning, a vehicle pursuit from a neighboring county entered Refugio.The chase ended when the vehicle, carrying nine illegal aliens and their...


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