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Monday, January 28, 2019

The ‘Hate’ Hoax Industry

What happens when identity politics gets it all wrong?

Mistaken identity is always a risk when a witch-hunt hysteria takes hold, and the hunt for “hate” in the Trump era has produced a mob mentality that rivals 17th-century Salem. Just ask Michelle Grissom, a Colorado middle-school teacher who may lose her job because she mistakenly identified the wrong Covington Catholic School student in a viral video — and called him a “Hitler Youth”!

Ms. Grissom has been placed on leave from her position as a social studies teacher at Mountain Ridge Middle School in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch after deleting her Twitter account and apologizing for her error. The Kentucky student she meant to defame as a Nazi — Nick Sandmann — is now arguably the most famous Catholic in America, thanks to video of his Jan. 18 confrontation with activist Nathan Phillips in D.C., but Ms. Grissom instead “doxed” Covington Catholic junior Jay Jackson. Unfortunately for her, Jackson did not accompany his classmates on the trip to Washington for the annual March for Life. Instead, he was 500 miles from the nation’s capital, playing basketball in a tournament in Middletown, Ohio. Adding to Ms. Grissom’s misfortunes was the fact that Jay’s father is a successful obstetrician who, to say the least, did not take kindly to having his son labeled a Hitler Youth. After the gravity of her error became apparent, Ms. Grissom issued an abject apology and also resigned her post as local teachers union official.

To paraphrase Britney Spears: Oops, they did it again. The doxing of Jay Jackson was not the first time the search for “hate” has targeted the innocent. Indeed, it was the second time in less than a month that mistaken identity has sent the witch-hunt mobs chasing the wrong suspect.

In Houston, the family of a murder victim has apologized for inadvertently suggesting that 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes was killed in a racially motivated hate crime. When her family’s car was targeted by gunfire Dec. 30, one of Jazmine’s sisters saw a white man in a red truck speed away from the scene of the drive-by shooting and mistakenly thought he was the shooter. After police issued a sketch of the white suspect, activists including “Black Lives Matter” leader Shaun King apparently leapt to the conclusion that this was a...

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  1. leftest socialist Libtards always looking for someone to make themselves look better than they are. must have a nice day and not think of these people. and not "may" it is "has". her school district is on the other side of town. our schools in the denver metro are are full to overflowing with teachers of her ilk. they are like crabs.as soon as you drop one in the pot two more show up. the teachers unions are full of utter marxists. do not doubt it until you go look for your self. todays kids minds are filled with the teachers ideals. how can it not be so. out younger teachers are corrupt.


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