90 Miles From Tyranny : Let's Play: Who Deserves An FBI Raid?!?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Let's Play: Who Deserves An FBI Raid?!?


  1. After second thought, Guillotine might a better solution to the problem.

  2. Number 5 first. And then #1 will make sure that the rest will commit Arkancide. It saves us taxpayers the cost. At that point, MAGA!

  3. Number 5 definitely first HANG his sorry ass on a meat hook with piano wire, like they did in the concentration camps. Have Numbers 1 & 3 arrange the wire and kick the stool out from under his feet. Save number one until last. But the next in line setups up the one on the stools. When it comes to the last one just have someone kick th3e stool out from under their feet. Video it from start to finish. Also play it live on all the channels.


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