90 Miles From Tyranny : OUTRAGE! Obama caught doing… WHAT!?

Friday, February 8, 2019

OUTRAGE! Obama caught doing… WHAT!?

Former President Barack Obama and the Democrats’ attempt to frame Donald Trump for “Russian collusion” was dirtier, and started earlier, than anyone ever knew — and the number two man in the current investigation was in it up to his eyeballs.

Jaw-dropping testimony before Congress make experts wonder if President Trump can get a fair shake in the never-ending investigation.

It’s so sleazy, it could only happen in Washington under Obama.

Details that have leaked out from behind closed doors prove that the Democrats managed to smuggle their talking points into the top levels of power through personal — even sexual — relationships.

How did a handful of opposition research, paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, lead to a two-and-a-half year investigation that smears the sitting president?

The revelations are so explosive that, even though they happened months ago, they’ve just come to light this week.

The first shocking part is just when all this happened.

Justice Department official Bruce Ohr said he took the phony dossier to Obama administration officials almost the second that Donald Trump locked up the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Ohr had breakfast with Christopher Steele, the British spy who cobbled together the fake allegations, on July 30, 2016.

Trump had just clinched the nomination on July 19 — after beating back a plot by GOP elites to rig the convention and nominate Ohio governor John Kasich… someone they knew Hillary could beat like a drum.

Lo and behold, just 11 days later Bruce Ohr took the dossier to top Obama officials and the FBI was suddenly on the case.

The Obama administration used the allegations to spy on the Trump presidential campaign.

The second shocking part is the way it caught Democrats red-handed trying to cover their tracks by shamelessly lying to the American people.

When the GOP first learned just a shred of this information, they put out a memo with the facts warning the American people that the Russian investigation was a charade.

Then Democrats released their own report—but unlike the GOP, they lied through their collective teeth.

The Democrats claimed the Republican memo “mischaracterizes Bruce Ohr’s role, overstates the significance of his interactions with Steele, and misleads about the timeframe of Ohr’s communications with the FBI.”

The Democrats swore that Ohr didn’t go to the FBI until November 2016, right around election time. He hardly had any influence over the investigation at all, they said.

But Bruce Ohr shot a hole through their lies, under oath, last August.

Now Americans that Democrats will lie about Russia, Obama and his officials, even whether crimes took place—just as long as it hurts Donald Trump.

And that leads into the most shocking part of this whole testimony—and has nothing to do with ancient history.

The present—and future—of the United States hang on one of the facts that came out…and that’s just who Ohr talked to.

Everyone knew that Bruce Ohr took his story to Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok.

Everyone knew that those three were determined to stop Trump from being elected, and that Page and Strzok sent secret text messages discussing ways to frame Trump for...

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