90 Miles From Tyranny : South Africa: White farmer and his son survive horrific farm attack

Monday, April 22, 2019

South Africa: White farmer and his son survive horrific farm attack

A white farmer and his family survived a horrific attack on their farm in Potchefstroom on Thursday. They were attacked by two Africans.

The farm attack which occured in the early hours of the morning, is the latest reported in the Vyfhoek area near the town in the North West Province.

The attack happened on 18 April 2019, the Eesruf Veiligheids Groep Reaksie-span, a community safety organisation confirmed on Facebook.

Mario Coetzee (47) his son Marlu (9) as well as Coetzee’s mother were badly hurt during the attack on their smallholding.

Marlu suffered a serious facial wound and was admitted to hospital but will be transferred to a Johannesburg hospital for reconstructive plastic surgery. Mario was severely injured and is currently in a coma.

The two black suspects broke into the Coetzee’s house and started assaulting the father and his son.

Marlu was transferred for his facial injuries to the Netcare Garden City Hospital in Joburg while Mario is being kept in an induced coma because of his serious head injuries.

Medical staff told FWM that the little boy had to have surgery to his nasal cavity which was crushed during the assault. The reconstuction involved inserting several small metal plates and screws but the boy is expected to make a full recovery, according to his mother Dehlia Coetzee.

She said they hoped there would be no permanent damage to her son’s face. He was hit with an object on the nose and his eyes are still very swollen. The little boy does not remember the details of the assault.

Marlu’s younger sister Marizé (7) has been traumatised by the assault on her father and brother however as she witnessed the extreme violence, her mother said. “She keeps seeing how her dad and brother were assaulted and she keeps asking if they will be safe and where they will be sleeping,” Dehlia said.

Coetzee’s parents, Paul and Nellie Coetzee were also in the house at the time. The two attackers broke a kitchen window to gain entry into the house. They headed for the main bedroom where Mario and the children were sleeping.

“We awoke to hear the screams from the children and...

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