90 Miles From Tyranny : Watch: Fmr. Obama Official SQUIRM After Being Asked About Obama’s Role in Trump Investigation

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Watch: Fmr. Obama Official SQUIRM After Being Asked About Obama’s Role in Trump Investigation

Former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, Ben Rhodes seemed visibly uncomfortable in a recent interview where he was asked about the Obama administration’s “involvement” in the Trump-Russia investigation and the anti-Trump dossier.

PJ Media’s Nick Ballasy sat down with Rhodes and asked him if the Department of Justice would find anything linking the Obama administration to the origins of the investigation into President Trump.

“No, no, look…look, I cannot be clear enough about this. We didn’t even know there was an FBI investigation of Trump. I didn’t. President Obama didn’t, like, we don’t…we actually abided by the firewalls between – if there were any investigations that took place, those decisions were made in the Justice Department, in the FBI, not in the White House,” he said.

“They will find nothing that suggests there was any political or White House involvement in any of that. Literally, I learned about the FBI investigation of Trump as a private citizen in the frickin’ Washington Post. Like, so, like this, you have to understand, we actually abided by the longstanding practice of the White House not getting involved in that kind of stuff,” he continued.

Dan took to Twitter to react to Rhodes’ comments, writing, “With the exception of the suspicious Aug FBI text ‘the White House is running this,’ the suspicious Sept ‘POTUS wants to know everything’ FBI text & the suspicious Oct text where the FBI & CIA are coordinating their message for a WH meeting, Ben thinks there’s nothing to see here.”

When Ballasy brings up the anti-Trump dossier by Christopher Steele, Rhodes quickly interjects, “We had nothing to do with that, nothing.”

“I saw it, uh, I heard about it at the very end when, you know, in January of 2000 um…2017, like, we weren’t involved in commissioning the dossier like....

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