90 Miles From Tyranny : Nunes on Deep State: ‘Someone was running an op against the Trump campaign on FOREIGN soil’

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nunes on Deep State: ‘Someone was running an op against the Trump campaign on FOREIGN soil’

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity Thursday night that he is certain “someone” was running an intelligence operation against the 2016 Trump campaign “on foreign soil,” and that one or more U.S. allies were likely involved.

“I think we can be sure about one thing and that is on foreign soil, someone was running operations against Trump campaign people,” he said.

“Now, we don’t know if that was our government, if it was the British government or some type of firm of some kind, but I think it is definitely a fact that on British soil, maybe on Italian soil, there were activities going on that we need to get to the bottom of.”

Nunes sent a letter to POTUS Trump this week urging him to press British government officials about the role their intelligence agencies may have taken in assisting the Obama regime with spying on his campaign.

Hannity noted that the infamous dossier written by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele had long been deemed untrustworthy by officials within the Obama Justice Department including Bruce Ohr, then the No. 4 at DoJ, as early as August 2016, but then-FBI Director James Comey nevertheless relied on the dossier for a FISA court surveillance warrant against Trump campaign figure Carter Page.

Nunes said he has met with plenty of British intelligence officials over the years as part of his work on the House Intelligence Committee, and he’s confident that they would have looked at Steele’s dossier with suspicion.

“They’re not idiots,” Nunes said of British intelligence officials. “There is no possible way that British intelligence folks read the Christopher Steele dossier and didn’t just laugh.”

The California Republican noted further that he believes former special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat-donor prosecutors were given a...

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