90 Miles From Tyranny : The Left Has Despicable Hero's:

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Left Has Despicable Hero's:

Barnes & Nobles glorifies Che Guevara in the heart of Miami


  1. Hmm? If you want to win the regular Joe, don't go this way. Queers have taken control and are grinding it in their faces. Forceably indoctrinating children, and far worse. Heck, imagining Che getting ahold of the Obamas almost... Don't suggest to a people being oppressed by queerdom that a bad guy murdered them for that. You won't win. If his victims were random Joes and Janes? Honest businessmen? Oh, and don't bother with politicians either. Or lawyers or judges... or bureaucrats.

  2. You could bring up his hate for blacks. That might work.

    1. With quotas and King and O.J. syndrome, don't tempt. Get smarmy, get run over. I'm a "minority", among other things, myself, just not one stupid enough to not realize if or more when that white rage dam breaks... baby very possibly with the bath water. Don't kid yourself. Most likely they will die in the night, without a whisper... drugs and booze and tech gadgets... If not? Thor's hammer, even on the anti-white Christian churches and secular bureaucracy, but definitely on "minorities".


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