90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘Being Nice’ A ‘Tool Of White Supremacy,’ Female Racial Activists Warn

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

‘Being Nice’ A ‘Tool Of White Supremacy,’ Female Racial Activists Warn

A group promoting “painfully honest conversations between white women and BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color)” claimed Thursday that white women’s “obsession” with “being nice” is a “tool of white supremacy.”

“White women’s obsession with ‘being nice’ is one of the most dangerous tools of white supremacy,” Race2Dinner posted on their Twitter account on Thursday.

White women's obsession with "being nice" is one of the most dangerous tools of white supremacy.
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As reported by The Daily Wire in May, Race2Dinner leaders Regina Jackson and Saira Rao created the organization to offer white women an opportunity to “smash” their “white fragility” by hiring women of color to attend dinner with as they’re guilt-tripped for all the alleged suffering they have caused them by virtue of being white.

The “mission” of the group is to “reveal the naked truth about RACISM in America and UNLEASH YOUR POWER as white women to dismantle it.”

“[W]hite women: We are talking about your complicity in upholding white supremacy and keeping us Brown and Black women down,” the Race2Dinner website details. “Our goal is to reveal white privilege, power, control and your complicity in all of the above. You are an integral part of this system. Please use this power to dismantle the hate rather than to...

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  1. Here is a story of a 29 year old white female that repeatedly demonstrated she wasn't prejudiced towards black folks. She was last seen leaving a club in downtown Birmingham last Friday night with two "heavyset black males". What could possibly go wrong for a young single white woman alone in a city with one of the highest murder rates (not to mention rape, kidnapping, assault, etc) in the country?

  2. They'll find her one piece at a time. Hello "Diversity".

  3. I have kinda followed this critter for awhile. Here is her story. Good read and expose. She delights in hate Tweets; of course they keep her despite the filth she spews.

    Saira Rao and the failure of racial integration: she’s so consumed with hatred for ‘whiteness’ that she drove away her white friends

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