90 Miles From Tyranny : 3 Killed, 1 Decapitated, In 2nd Gruesome Islamo-Fascist Terror Attack To Rattle France In 2 Weeks

Thursday, October 29, 2020

3 Killed, 1 Decapitated, In 2nd Gruesome Islamo-Fascist Terror Attack To Rattle France In 2 Weeks

This All Occurred Inside A Church.

Update (0800ET): Just as a front-page Charlie Hebdo illustration was provoking a major diplomatic snafu after criticizing President Erdogan, Turkey has spoken up to "strongly condemn" Thursday's attack in Nice, despite Turkish officials joining the chorus of critics suggesting Macron's new terror crackdown was "Islamophobic".

We imagine we'll be hearing more apologies like this from the leaders of Pakistan and other countries who have criticized France over its crackdown on radical terror.

Update (0730ET): Reuters has confirmed that three have now been confirmed killed, with one woman having been decapitated, by the terrorist who carried out this morning's attack. The attack was carried out during a morning gathering at Notre Dame church, the largest church in the city of Nice.

One of those killed was the Church warden.

As top French law enforcement officials meet with the minister of the Interior, French President Emmanuel Macron is on his way to Nice.

To recap:

In what appears to be the second major French terror attack in two weeks, at least two have been killed and one critically injured in a brutal knife attack that occurred during the morning service of a local Catholic church - Notre Dame basilica - in Nice.

In an echo of the brutal attack on a schoolteacher that recently galvanized the French government to launch a major anti-terror crackdown, reports claimed that at least one of the victims had been decapitated, like the teacher was.

The incident is believed to be terror-related according to the city's mayor. The suspect is reportedly alive, and has been taken into...

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  1. France, what have you done to yourselves? You have squandered all the liberties and morals your fathers and grandfathers sacrificed so many years ago. France, you resisted Hitler's Nazis and oppression, only to coddle a far worse version of what you had previously despised. Do you believe DE Gaulle would only speak, or would he act in the best interest of the citizens of France? You are accepting those who will enslave your children! Rise up France! Vive La France! Vive La France Libre!

  2. Islamists cannot coexist. They are a cancer. They must be cut out.

  3. Left says " Just because it happened doesn't mean it's true".


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