90 Miles From Tyranny : The Opening Rounds Of Genocide Have Begun...

Friday, March 5, 2021

The Opening Rounds Of Genocide Have Begun...


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  1. Frankly at 72 (later this month) I am happy to wait until I see the first few million or so survive the vaccine. I have not gotten sick yet ... so I am in no rush to get a shot for it.

  2. It very well may be a genocide, just not the one most think it is. Go ahead, take the vaccine and see what happens in a year or so.

    1. I THOUGHT that blog title was a bit misleading! Who's Zoomin' Who?

  3. Like Old Corps I'm 70 and have no intention at this point of risking a shot.

  4. Bad heart, failing organs, but I have already had it and passed. Three to five days. Breathing was very difficult. Actually wasn't taking heart medicine, took water pills as legs were swelling when sick. That cleared up the really sticky mucus. Why do I think it wasn't the flu? Breathing, and the cats and one of my rabbits caught it. I've never passed the flu around to animals.

    I will never take any of those shots. I think the treatments are more to get rid of people, including the shots. So... let the minorities go to the head of the line, and politicians... as well, as medical. Require medical, political, economic leaders, and minorities to take it. In a few years the rest of us will be at peace, especially if they are. *wink*

  5. At the age of 55, and in good physical health with no medications, and working at a physical job I do not worry about Kung Flu, and will evade tbe shot at every opportunity I can. Any one who wants my dose can have at it. I have only one co morbidity and that is calendar based.
    Too many post apocalypse stories start out with a vaccine gone bad for me to be interested in taking part in their experiments.


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