90 Miles From Tyranny : They Are Saying Police Do Not Need To Be Armed....

Saturday, April 17, 2021

They Are Saying Police Do Not Need To Be Armed....



  1. Recently let out of prison. Was on his way to do a meth deal.

    Just glad the pursuing officers saved the citizens from an expensive trial and tons of money housing that scum.

  2. As I watch and understand this video I am being told that cop saw the rifle and asked him to exit and hand over. WTF is that? Cop could not have had same rifle just handed to him to passenger door? Then cop walked casual as ya please? The nonchalance of cop makes zero sense. None.

    1. Yes, you can hear the officer on the police video talking to the pos about the weapon, and he did basically ask him to exit and bring the weapon with him, and as a military policeman for 22 years, it absolutely floored me. Had it been me, the moment I saw that weapon, I would have leveled my weapon on him and commanded he place both hands on his dash, and if he done anything else, I would have blown his ass away. Of course, simultaneously I would have been requesting major backup. It definitely does hurt to watch, but I absolutely agree with all of your comments. As we are always reminded in Law Enforcement, "apathy" kills more officers than anything else. I too was very happy to see the end result of this pos actions, and I literally smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when all those officers dealt him his due process. May God provide comfort to this officers family and friends and may he RIP. One positive result of this traffic stop will be as the value it will provide in the training environment.

  3. AS PAINFUL as this is to watch...the cop killed himself.


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