90 Miles From Tyranny : Chinese Government Funds Woke Cartoon Propaganda For American Parents

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Chinese Government Funds Woke Cartoon Propaganda For American Parents

The Chinese government’s CGTN global propaganda network is targeting parents in the West with its animated campaign, “How to teach your kids about race and racism?” The disturbing cartoon makes it clear that China is aggressively stoking anti-white sentiment and Woke ideology to weaken the United States of America. The cartoon even uses an avatar of a progressive-looking bespectacled suburban woman as its protagonist. CGTN’s America affiliate is based in Washington, D.C. and its Europe affiliate is based in London, England.

The video clumsily tries to appropriate American culture and conversational styles and fumbles with laughable results, including in a section where one boy tells another that he cannot be Spiderman because he is black. Otherwise, the vision of antiracism pushed by the Chinese Communist network is basically indistinguishable from much of the propaganda that American kids get fed by educators in U.S. schools. With China ramping up its aggression toward Americans on every front, will anyone in academia dare point out how Wokeness in America clearly serves the interests of the Chinese Communists? It’s not like China is practicing what they preach, considering their internment of the Uyghur minority and their judicial system’s support for the classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder. Simply put, the Chinese want America to be “Woke” in the most obnoxious leftist ways possible, but does not want Wokeness for China. Wokeness, then, is being used as a geopolitical weapon by America’s enemies. And it’s time to...

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