90 Miles From Tyranny : Report: Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping is Suffering From ‘Brain Aneurysm’

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Report: Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping is Suffering From ‘Brain Aneurysm’

Chinese President Xi Jinping is reportedly suffering from a brain aneurysm as public rage builds against his repressive and draconian COVID policies.

The 68-year-old dictator is allegedly eschewing major surgery, preferring to be treated instead with traditional medicine. He suffered from the aneurysm toward the end of 2021, and his health is still in jeopardy.

Health issues are far from the only problem that Xi is facing. There is also a reported coup in the works because of the authoritarianism implemented by Xi in response to recent COVID flare-ups.

Richard McGregor, who authored The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers, said that Xi is facing pushback from his opponents in the politburo like Premier Li Keqiang, who has bemoaned the “complicated and grave” economic situation in China caused by Xi’s lockdown policies.

“It is probably a stretch to say that Xi and Li are personally at loggerheads, but their statements do represent divergent views within the system on Covid and its impact,” McGregor said.

“China is reaching the point where the need for a genuine debate about whether the price being paid for further lockdowns is worth the...

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hjets said...

Chinese guy with brain problem, Putin has cancer, Come on, God...Did you forget Biden and Pelosi?

Anonymous said...

Lol... seriously, was thinking the same thing. Funny how the MSM has all these leaders at deaths door. Funny, aeem healthy to me?

Anonymous said...

As I have stated many times before, for thousands of years, China has displayed a very nasty habit of eating their rulers every 75 to 125 years.
I am uncertain Mr. Xi's illness or real, I am certain the publication of ill health from a Communist Dictatorship is absolute proof he has been put on notice. He may very well have lost the Divine Consent, and the sharks are circling.
When can we expect something suitable for Trudeau? Flesh eating disease would be appropriate.