90 Miles From Tyranny : Governments that mandated deadly covid vaccines now blaming DOCTORS for not telling patients about the risks

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Governments that mandated deadly covid vaccines now blaming DOCTORS for not telling patients about the risks

After becoming the first country in the world to mandate Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” on all citizens, Austria is now trying to shift responsibility onto doctors for all the health damage that resulted.

Austrian Green Minister of Health Johannes Rauch says physicians, and not himself and his fellow politicians, are to blame for all the injuries and deaths because they failed to warn their patients about the risks involved with getting injected.

Never mind the fact that these patients had no choice but to get them – and doctors were basically required to give them. In Rauch’s mind, it is someone else’s fault that thousands of Austrians are now dead or permanently injured because of the policies he helped create.

The SuperSpreader Substack is calling Rauch’s blame game the “most epic throwing under the bus to save your own a** of our generation” – and he is right. Not only is Rauch’s claim nonsensical, but it absolutely shows that the plandemic is crumbling to pieces at a rapid pace.

“Anyone paying attention already understands that once the bodies start piling up the REAL fireworks will begin,” the “Mole” Substack adds.

“We will see frantic finger pointing and rabid blame shifting. Screeching turned up to 11 competing with a word vomit of lies about who said what and when. It will be something spectacular to behold.”

If Austrian doctors had reported jab injuries, they would have lost their licenses

It turns out that there was never even a way for Austrian doctors to warn their patients about the risks involved, seeing as how those risks were concealed by politicians and their Big Pharma buddies who wanted the truth to be kept under wraps.

Not only that, but doctors in Austria are not even allowed to report vaccine damage, even in suspected cases. This is due to “strict instructions from the medical association,” one person in the know tweeted.

“Anyone who violates this is revoked the right to ordain,” the tweet further explains.

None of this was revealed by the corporate-controlled media, however. Headlines all around the world cited Rauch’s claim that the “medical profession” is to blame for...

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Matthew said...

WHO knew it was so easy to manipulate doctors? First, they persecute any MD that dares go against the narrative, thus quieting all the other "health professionals" and "front line workers". Then blame them when TSHF. Toe the line or else.