90 Miles From Tyranny : The Top 10 Reasons Trump Should be Speaker of the House

Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Top 10 Reasons Trump Should be Speaker of the House

Many prominent personalities have been urging the president to do this, so here are the top reasons why he should step up to the challenge.

You could argue that our "betters" in the anti-liberty left are trying to destroy the country, or perhaps they are completely incompetent. Even the totally incompetent would have occasional success, so we're thinking it's the former. Either way, we need to change back to leadership that works, and we need it as soon as possible.

Having the House of Representatives elect President Trump as speaker would go a long way toward this goal. So, this is our reverse order listing of the top reasons President Trump needs to step up to the challenge.

1. Four words: State of the Union.

Picture this: while Biden and Harris are still in office and delivering their interminable State of the Union addresses, Donald J. Trump can be sitting behind them as the last visual word on their BS. It's even money they would cancel these political snooze fests for the duration.

2. The entertainment value of driving the nation's socialist media insane.

We can already hear your response that they lost the plot years ago, and you would be correct. Let's face it: Robert Ballard is going to need to develop a new submersible to get to the depths of insanity that they've reached in recent years.

Their echo chambers have their own echo chambers.

Watching them lose it every night, whining about the death of democracy (because they aren't in control), will be well worth the price of admission.

3. It will save billions from not having to bail out the nation's socialist media.

This goes right along with the previous point. We all know that the Democrats' propaganda organ is going to need a bailout. We can remember those bygone days when they at least tried to pretend to be objective.

The nation's socialist media are so blatant these days that you can imagine a latter-day Joseph Goebbels operating behind the scenes.

The people have taken notice, and their ratings are lower than a putrid stain under a dustbin. So it won't be long until they look to their partners in crime for a bailout — from the government. But having Trump to whine about 24/7 could keep them afloat.

4. It throws a spanner into the plans of the anti-liberty left.

It's a lot more fun to take the initiative than remain passive.

We can only guess what the liberticidal leftists have in store for us. President Trump as the new speaker of the House will throw those carefully laid plans into chaos, and when we're talking about liberty-destroying leftists, that's always a good thing.

5. It will energize the pro-freedom electorate.

The pro-freedom right needs every advantage it can muster against the anti-liberty left. The key is selecting those tactics that would have a selective effect of energizing the freedom community while driving the other side to distraction. Can anyone think of a better way to do that than the prospect of President Donald J. Trump as speaker of the House?

6. He can preside over "President" Biden and "Vice President" Kamala's impeachments.

Wouldn't this make it all worthwhile? Anti-liberty leftists love to...

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Mark Matis said...

You actually think the filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill would permit any such thing?

Bobo the Hobo said...

Oh my! I got developed a lady boner over the very thought of this!

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