90 Miles From Tyranny : Lisa Simpson Disease Plagues Scientists

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Lisa Simpson Disease Plagues Scientists

They think they can run the world.

In “They Saved Lisa’s Brain,” Lisa Simpson joins the local Mensa chapter, whose members subsequently decide their intelligence equips them to run Springfield. A live-action version of this Simpsons episode occurs in the pages of Science, which presently lowers its aspirations from explaining the universe to merely running the United States.

“The United States has an insatiable desire for technological advancement but is governed by founding documents that are completely unsuited for science and technology,” Holden Thorp, Science’s editor, writes in an editorial for the publication. “This incongruity has manifested in recent disastrous actions by the US Supreme Court on guns, abortion, and climate.”

He refers obliquely to New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, Dobbs v. Jackson, and West Virginia v. EPA; the Second Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms; the Tenth Amendment preventing the federal government from usurping functions of government not delegated to them, even in penumbras or emanations, by the states; and the Constitution guaranteeing a republican form of governance that necessarily forbids legislation by unelected bureaucrats.

Upon becoming editor in 2019, Thorp, the former chancellor of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill until his 2013 departure following an athlete-cheating scandal, made Science less science and more politics. While the chemistry professor failed at running a government-funded school, he believes other scientists should possess more say in running the government.

In May, for instance, Thorp advised scientists in Science: “Make protest signs. Start marching. Push lawmakers to finally break the partisan gridlock that has made moments of silence a regular observance. The National Rifle Association and its minions must be defeated.” 

The corruption of purpose witnessed in Science follows the corruption of purpose witnessed in science. A sort of keeping-up-with-the-Einsteins phenomenon nudges that publication and its competitor Nature toward hot-button political topics and social “science.” In veering from the rigors of the scientific method to the self-flattery of a priori assumptions, the publications undermine science in depicting it as yet another field pushing not truth but ideology. Recent...

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Anonymous said...

Take and or use the advise of the uncivil and immoral at your own peril. Humans that deem the US constitution as a limiting factor in the quest for utopia have never nor ever will be the friend of a civil and moral society. You can make that choice but do not expect any one to follow your lead.