90 Miles From Tyranny : Corrupt FBI Seized $86 Million In Raid On Innocent Americans’ Safe Boxes After Duping Judge For Warrant

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Corrupt FBI Seized $86 Million In Raid On Innocent Americans’ Safe Boxes After Duping Judge For Warrant

‘The government’s theory is that having cash makes you a presumptive criminal, and I think every American should be worried about that.’

here is no denying anymore that our federal agencies have weaponized their power against the political adversaries of the left. But if you think the feds’ abandonment of all standards only affects outspoken critics of the regime, think again. More allegations of FBI corruption and hubris are coming to light after a lawsuit last week revealed FBI agents misled a judge so they could illegally seize and withhold property from innocent American citizens.

Agents took more than $86 million in cash, jewelry, and gold from 1,400 safe deposit boxes during the raid of a Beverly Hills vault company in March 2021. Lawyers representing a group of deposit box owners claim their items were illegally taken and not returned to them more than a year after the raid of the Beverly Hills, California, branch of U.S. Private Vaults.

Seizing Innocent Americans’ Assets

This past March, a year after the raid, the owners of U.S. Private Vaults pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder drug money. However, the hundreds of citizens whose assets were seized by the FBI are not suspected of any crimes, according to court documents.

Deposit box holders whose property was taken sued the bureau for violating their rights. Robert Frommer, a lawyer with the Institute for Justice, the libertarian, nonprofit law firm that filed the suit, said in the court papers: “We brought suit on behalf of seven clients, but we were representing a class of at least 400 people. What we’ve been trying to show for the past several months is that the government’s actions violated the search-and-seizure protections of the US Constitution in the Fourth Amendment.”

According to Los Angeles Magazine, federal agents “manhandled the personal belongings” of box holders and “made video and photo records of customers’ most sensitive documents: pay stubs, password lists, credit cards, a prenuptial agreement, immigration and vaccination records, bank statements and a will all made it into government databases, court docs show.” The feds also found cremated human remains (“we presume of a legally interred person,” LA Magazine notes) while snooping in one person’s box.

Jennifer and Paul Snitko were two of those people who kept items at the Beverly Hills U.S. Private Vaults. The couple placed wills, backup hard drives, old family watches, and Paul’s flight log in their deposit box until their personal possessions were seized during the raid. The couple kept their valuables in the vault because...

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MMinWA said...

This is not a government, it's a criminal cartel that believes it has a monopoly on violence.

SiGraybeard said...

This is an extension of the civil asset forfeiture they've been doing for decades. There was a sheriff around Daytona in the 1990s who would have deputies pull over "suspicious" cars - like a black sports car doing the speed limit - and if they had cash, that meant they were drug runners and the sheriffs seized the money. So people bringing cash for any other reason had to either give up all of it or spend thousands in legal fees to TRY to get it back.

The horror stories are miles long, and there are tons of pictures of police departments with cars that they bought on that stolen money.

JG said...

So we know this was an improper subpoena that was made to a Judge. Why has that Judge not issued warrants for arrests of those agents and their leaders that committed the crimes and issued orders for the FBI to return everything in order?

HalfElf said...

LA county sheriff's office actually checked appraisal value on a couple of properties, then raided them, and called it a assets forfeiture. Donald Scott lost his life that way.