90 Miles From Tyranny : Martha's Vineyard Residents Were Having Total Meltdown, Turning on Each Other and Calling Out Friends

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Martha's Vineyard Residents Were Having Total Meltdown, Turning on Each Other and Calling Out Friends


The national media has jumped to the support of the super-rich, left-wing residents of Martha’s Vineyard in the wake of its 50 illegal alien visitors, but it seems that all is not in harmony behind the scenes.

Members of the media have fallen all over themselves to claim that the residents of Martha’s Vineyard stand together like a rock in their angel-like hope that they can find a place amongst them for the illegals dumped by the dastardly “xenophobic” GOP Gov. of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

CNN, for instance, published a story lauding the cooperation of the residents of Martha’s Vineyard and how the community “responded” to the arrival. The story was full of notes on how the community came together.

Local media also lauded the hometown heroes, including the Vineyard Gazette, which published the tale entitled, “Vineyard Community Rallies Relief Efforts to Assist Stranded Migrants.”

Indeed, local authorities on the island that serves as home to the rich and famous tooted their own horn over their efforts to solve that shocking “humanitarian crisis” that beset their quiet island paradise.

That was all before the illegals were all shipped right back off the island, as Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz noted:

Still, were those compassionate stars of humanitarianism all so unified in compassion for their visitors?

Maybe not so much.

The liberal residents of Martha’s Vineyard enthusiastically support politicians such as Joe Biden, who espouse open-border policies that are swamping border states like Texas with tens of thousands of illegals weekly. In 2020, 9,763 residents voted for Biden and only 2,610 for Trump.

But the residents were not quite as pleased to have a few of the immigrants in their own backyards.

The behind-the-scenes arguing started almost as soon as GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a plane loaded with 50 illegals to the island on Wednesday.

A Facebook group created for the island’s residents seems to have had a bit of dissent going on behind the scenes as residents bickered and pointed fingers at each other over the arrival of the uninvited guests.

TBDaily News gathered a grouping of some of the top comments as residents argued about the situation:

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Wayne Wilson said...

Just read at BCE that the base they sent the ILLEGALS to is a super fund site.

Matthew said...

You know that the moment those buses full of undesirables, I mean poor asylum seeking immigrant families, rolled out of town and were loaded onto the ferry all those moonbat trust fund babies ran home to their summer “cottages”, took a hot shower and had the help burn their clothes.

The really funny thing is that the Martha's Vinyard smart set will look back fondly at the event that showed the world that they were the hypocritical, elitist, scum that everyone thought they were as their shining moment of altruism. They’ll probably declare some local holiday and celebrate it annually.

GI-had Joe said...

What's funny is that the illegals were routed to a Superfund site formally known as Camp Edwards in Falmouth. Hat tip to BCE.

LG said...

Oh, some of the crap they were saying on the sunday shows (I watched so you won't have to)
-Those governors are using these poor people as political pawns-
My favorite was:
-They're not illegal aliens. They're migrants because they've been processed through-
It's pathetic and funny at the same time how they blame everyone but themselves for this mess.

Handy Handsome said...

Well.......somebody's got to clean up the mess at Camp Edwards.
Ya can't hire just anybody to do that kind of shit!