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Friday, February 3, 2023

Study: To Get Hired At UT Austin, Faculty Must Prove Allegiance To Racism

After years of left-wing activists pushing racially divisive philosophies under the guise of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in higher education, a recent case study of the University of Texas at Austin exposes DEI initiatives’ toxicity.

In a report last week, aptly titled “Comprehensive Restructuring,” the National Association of Scholars revealed that the push for so-called DEI at UT Austin has fundamentally restructured the school. With a “clear ideological agenda,” DEI initiatives “call for a vast overhaul of curriculum and instruction” that includes growing the bureaucratic behemoth and making Marxist groupthink a faculty job requirement.

“To many, the term ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ might sound like a benign commitment to fairness,” wrote John Sailer, the author of the report. “The DEI initiatives at UT Austin, however, frequently espouse controversial political and social views, whether through mandatory training sessions, book groups and administrator-endorsed reading lists, or curriculum guidelines.”

Sailer observed how “bureaucratic language” distracts observers from the reality of UT Austin’s DEI rot, which is ironically anything but diverse, equitable, or inclusive. The report found that when you strip away the fancy buzzwords, academia’s obsession with skin color, sex, sexual attraction, and commitment to the left-wing hivemind have affected all areas of campus life and fields of study, summed up by curricula and faculty.


Consider the curriculum at the Dell Medical School. In the summer of 2021, UT Austin added “Health Equity” to the list of core competencies at its med school. More specifically, according to UT Austin, medical students must:

Demonstrate an understanding of the root causes of health inequities including how the socialization of dominant cultural norms, beliefs and values and application of public policy create these health inequities among defined populations.

The medical school also requires its students to participate in “intentional disruptive action” to “act against and educate on systems that perpetuate health injustice and health inequities.”

The effects of DEI in medical school are already being felt in real-world hospitals. For instance, so-called “health equity,” which is rooted in critical race theory, means implementing intentional racial discrimination in health care. Under Oregon’s Medicaid, for example, which invokes the same ideas of “disrupting” as UT Austin’s med school, your medical care can be affected by the color of your skin. Marxist ideas not rooted in science have also corrupted prestigious medical journals.

And that’s just the medical school. Many of UT Austin’s 13 schools have overhauled their curricula to fit the anti-science and race-obsessed dictates of DEI.


More of UT Austin’s leftward lurch has been accomplished by pressuring faculty to accommodate, a pattern that has...

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Gregory said...

Well, don't attend Ut Austin. Crappy, damned reverse racism is a sucky way to make people into losers. DEI is just a way to make schools give degrees to people who don't deserve them. It is a marxist doctrine. And that school will have nothing but idiots attending. Where students once got C's and D's the same type of student will get A's. Instead of UT Austin, it will become UT Bozo.

Anonymous said...

All self selecting groups devolve into a mono culture over time. Most universities have turned into a mono culture of extreme left wing idealogy. No real surprise that they've gone to the next step towards the extreme..

MMinWA said...

I already don't trust MDs. In fact, I'm lucky enough to be old enough to avoid any "care" allopathy offers and just drift over to the next plane here at home.