90 Miles From Tyranny : Visage à trois #1344

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Friday, March 31, 2023

Visage à trois #1344

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Visage à trois #280 - Shall Not Be Infringed Edition...


Anonymous said...

By the first several weeks of the scamdemic, I knew this was a mental health problem. This was decidedly demonstrated when I saw a woman in her car, alone, with windows rolled on a beautiful sunny day, wearing paper mask, household cleaning gloves, and a spray bottle repeatedly spraying the steering wheel, the dashboard, and each glove in turn.

Driving on a surface street with stoplights, I was able to watch her behaviors for nigh on 10 minutes. I was astonished by he actions. I remember saying outloud, This is going to be a mental health crisis.

That was just before they announced 15 days to flatten the curve.

Widespread increases in anxiety, depression, loss of earnings, loss of education, cancelled surgeries, cancelled Dr OVs, suicides, et al; every of those SOBs who conspired to enact this should be hanged by their heels.

JG said...

What gets me know is that people today still wear masks including in their cars alone. These people are nuts.

I never got vaxxed and now worry that if I ever have a surgery I will get tainted blood. I also worry that people driving or pilots above that have been vaxxed are going to have a medical problem that will cause crashes.