90 Miles From Tyranny : Indicted Virginia Election Official 'Altered Election Results': Filing Alteration caused false reporting of results, according to prosecutors.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Indicted Virginia Election Official 'Altered Election Results': Filing Alteration caused false reporting of results, according to prosecutors.

A Virginia election official charged with corruption changed the results of the 2020 presidential election, resulting in false results being reported, according to newly disclosed court filings.

Former Prime William County registrar Michele White "altered the election results within the state reporting system, VERIS," according to one of the documents.

"Her alterations resulted in the false reporting of the election results from Prince William County," it stated.

VERIS stands for the Virginia Election and Registration Information System. It was implemented in 2007.

The statement came from a defense filing, summarizing some of the allegations from state prosecutors against Ms. White.

Ms. White argued through a lawyer in the document that the best evidence of the results were being kept under seal by the county clerk, and that the judge overseeing the case should let her access the evidence.

"In the event that such records are unsealed for defense inspection, the defense intends to perform an audit of the records, to count the votes for the presidential election in November 2020," Zachary Stafford, a lawyer representing Ms. White, wrote.

Eric Olsen, the current Prince William County registrar, had communicated that an audit could be done for $103,000, according to the filing. Ms. White's counsel asked the court to cover the costs of the audit.
The document and other filings were made public by Just the News.
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Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares's office did not deny finding that Ms. White altered election results.

"We do not comment on pending litigation," Victoria LaCivita, a spokesperson for Mr. Miyares, a Republican, told The Epoch Times via email.

Mr. Stafford did not respond to a query.

Mr. Olsen told The Epoch Times in an email that he could not provide any new comments.

Ms. White was indicted in 2022, after she resigned as the registrar for the county. She was charged with corrupt conduct, making a false statement regarding an election, and...

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realwesterner said...

Hang that bum for high treason.

Bigus Macus said...

I think this calls into question all election results for the last two decades across the state.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are always claiming anything that makes election fraud harder is disenfranchising someone’s sacred vote, but they have no issues cheating legitimate voters in order to win. That’s deliberate disenfranchisement, and they never hesitate.

Anonymous said...

But we're told over and over there's no such thing as election fraud or even irregularities.

TVMA Doc said...

There needs to be a VERY SERIOUS penalty to cheating in elections. This undermines faith in the rule of law. It amounts to treason. If we can't get at least life in prison without parole, there needs to be permanent loss of voting rights and a ban from ANY association with election events.

JG said...

Any voting fraud of any caliber must be considered at the minimum sedition or treason and a felony and treated with the maximum penalty always with the Federal and State governments.

Anonymous said...

What was the sentence after being found guilty? In essence, nothing. Especially compared to the harm caused by their actions.

Until the punishment is proportional to the damage caused it is just a show trial. A joke that destroys our country and our future.