90 Miles From Tyranny : Visage à trois #2231

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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Visage à trois #2231

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matism said...

Have you not noticed "Justice' Brown's demographic?
What else would you expect?
And do remember that SOME Repulicans voted to confirm her nomination!

Unemployed said...

As Bongino says, there are some Republicans that are actually Democrats, but there no Democrats that are Republicans. Vote the traitors out of office. Starting with my representative in congress the two faced a Mike Simpson from Idaho. Come on Idaho pull your heads out of your asses!

tsquared said...

Costco in the US is not much better. I am retired USAF and I can shop at military Commissaries. Six months ago I lived 2 hours from the closest Commissary and Costco was 4 miles away. That changed 4 months ago as I am 22 miles from one of the largest Commissaries in the eastern half of the nation and Costco is an hour away. I bought a 1.24 lb Porterhouse for just over $9 at the Commissary last week. In February I got a 2 lb Tomahawk Ribeye for $7.49 a pound. That steak provided 4 meals for me and my wife. The 80% ground beef was $3.19 a pound last week at the Commissary. I will be cancelling my Costco membership when it expires in 2 months.

MMinWA said...

I'm now officially leery of hamburger not sourced from a local rancher. will not touch it.

JG said...

Me and my wife found that meat in COSTCO has not been tasting any way good or bad just bland plus the cost is too high. The fish is fine.

matism said...

Those of you concerned about the source of beef might consider buying from OurWyomingLife.com
They are a family ranch in Gillette, Wyoming and sell direct to consumer, shipping via two-day UPS with dry ice. Beef, pork, and jerky.