Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sen Sessions On Dirty Deal Of Reid / McConnell /Obama To Grab Our Property Rights

There was never any doubt from the time the Marxist anti-American foreign trash began his occupation of our White House that Hussein Obama was and is the enemy of the American people. While it took some Americans longer to see the truth than others,  many of us saw him for what he was before he even ascended to the throne. The Satanic shroud is off. The nature of this beast and his agenda should be painfully clear to all observers now, even those demented liberals who once believed and reveled in the lie.

The squatter in our house conducts the affairs of his criminal administration from a posture that recognizes the American people as the enemy.  Their goals and overwhelming driving force in every regard is geared towards the subjugation of our rights of self-determination and the insertion of their illegitimate authoritarian government as a mechanism of control, an obstacle to the exercise of our...

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