90 Miles From Tyranny : Hair Catches Fire Amazingly Fast...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hair Catches Fire Amazingly Fast...

More Short, Hurtful Animated Gifs:

That's Gotta Hurt...

The Perils Of Following The Herd...

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  1. Uhh...Someone's going to have to educate me here. What were they doing that caused an explosive atmosphere?

  2. They don't call em greasers for nothing. But, as fast as he went up, the Sammy Davis, Jr clone in the back seat musta run out of pomade and tried to make do with wheel bearing grease.

  3. Flammable atmosphere. Suspect the 'Tards were huffing.
    Had a couple of cases here in New Zealand where idjits were inhaling propane/butane and then tried to spark up a cigarette. Did not end well. Ended up with a minor footnote in the Darwin Award


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