90 Miles From Tyranny : Angela Merkel Is Digging Europe's Grave...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Angela Merkel Is Digging Europe's Grave...

One of Germany’s most celebrated psychoanalysts has said the refusal of Chancellor Angela Merkel to reverse her “completely irrational” migrant policy is evidence of a potential “mental breakdown” that endangers society.

Hans-Joachim Maaz, a German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and best-selling author, was speaking with Huffington Post Germany when he suggested a “stubborn” Angela Merkel has “lost touch with reality”.

According to Mr. Maaz, the German Chancellor suffers from “narcissism” brought on by people lauding her position as ‘mother of the nation’ and most powerful woman in the world, and calling for her to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He says the “artificially inflated self-image” she labours under leads to the “stubborn attitude” on display by her during the ongoing migrant crisis.

Mr. Maaz claimed that Mrs. Merkel has not, in fact, taken any difficult decisions or displayed genuine leadership. In his opinion she reacts to...
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