Thursday, June 16, 2016

Texas city where cops shot Somali Muslim Walmart hostage-taker is absolutely inundated with refugees

A man who took two co-workers hostage at an Amarillo, Texas, Walmart Tuesday was a Muslim refugee from Somalia, and that fact came as no surprise to those who track the federal government’s robust refugee resettlement program.

Amarillo is bursting at the seams with foreign refugees, from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and its mayor has pleaded repeatedly with the government to stop sending refugees to his city.

But they keep coming.
The schools are stretched, and the local police department is having a hard time getting a handle on the rising crime.

On Tuesday, it was just another example. Mohammad Moghaddan, a Somali refugee, was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies after he had taken two Walmart employees hostage.

Moghaddan, 54, was a current employee of the store, and his actions were quickly declared “a case of work place violence” by the sheriff’s office. The hostage taker, armed with a handgun, was shot dead by a SWAT team as terrified shoppers were ushered out of the store.

The city’s mayor has been on a crusade since 2011 to get the U.S. State Department, working with the United Nations, to put a damper on the number of refugees flooding into his city.

So far, Mayor Paul Harpole has had little success.

Whether Tuesday’s event was terrorism or “workplace violence,” Amarillo, a city of 240,000, has had its share of crime. Adding to the problem is the fact that it has the highest per capita ratio of refugees of any city in the world, says Harpole.

“The City of Amarillo gets more refugees per 100,000 population than any city in the world,” Harpole testified....

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  1. I heard/read something not long ago that stated that the 911 line in Amarillo had to speak 42 languages to accommodate the local populace.