90 Miles From Tyranny : The U.S. Navy's New Super Frigate: Armed to 'Sink' Russia and China

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The U.S. Navy's New Super Frigate: Armed to 'Sink' Russia and China

The Navy is now finalizing the weapons, sensors and technologies it plans to engineer into a new, more survivable and lethal Littoral Combat Ship variant designed to perform anti-submarine and surface warfare functions at the same time, service officials said.

“You will be able to employ both of those mission areas simultaneously,” Capt. Dan Brintzinghoffer, Frigate Program Manager, told Scout Warrior in an interview. “This provides the fleet with flexibility because you can employ those ships in multiple ways and multiple venues.”

The new ship, called a Frigate, will be integrated with anti-submarine surface warfare technologies including sonar, an over-the-horizon missile and surface-to-surface weapons such as a 30mm gun and closer-in missiles such as the Hellfire,

“You will be able to have both the long range over-the-horizon missile and the Hellfire on board at the same time,” Brintzinghoffer said.

Some of the over-the-horizon missiles now being considered by the Navy include the Naval Strike Missile by Kongsberg, a modified Tomahawk missile or the Long-Range Anti-Ship missile, or LRASM made by Lockheed and ...

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  1. Excellent for fighting third world countries. Not so much against mach 3 missiles or torpedoes traveling faster then sound, or just floating around mines.


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