90 Miles From Tyranny : Donald Trump: ‘Immigration Is A Privilege’

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Donald Trump: ‘Immigration Is A Privilege’

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump declares “immigration is a privilege,” not a right for foreign nationals.

“Immigration is a privilege, and we should not let anyone into this country who doesn’t support our communities. All of our communities,” said Trump in Manchester, New Hampshire. “America has already admitted four times more immigrants than any country on earth, and we continue to admit millions more with no real checks or scrutiny.”

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 dramatically transformed American demographics and opened America up to the entire world, including poor and violent migrants. Less than half a century later, nearly one in five U.S. residents are a foreigner or children of foreigners — millions of them illegals — putting an extreme strain on infrastructure, resources, the economy, and almost every aspect of American society and culture.

“Not surprisingly, wages for our workers haven’t budged in many years. So whether it’s matter of national security, or financial security, we can’t afford to...

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