Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ObamaCare is 603% More Deadly Than An "Assault" Rifle...


  1. Oh, don't worry. Obamacare is merely an emulation. The Veterans Admin was there first, and has been serving up corpses for a lot longer. Where do you think they came up with Romneycare, then Obamacare? Cheap and easy way to enrich lawyers, doctors, bureaucrats, and take out the trash while doing it. Gotta love socialism.

  2. You're understating it by many, many orders of magnitude: assault rifles are NFA items. Legally owned ones have been used in crimes by non-law enforcement....I want to say zero times, since 1934. Anyone got the anecdote to prove me wrong?

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  4. These figures are more realistic.

    To put the mass murder of Americans into perspective,

    To put the mass murder of Americans into perspective, 407,000 United States citizens were killed fighting World War II. This equates to 101,750 kills per year and falls significantly below the 440,000 to over 1,000,000 Americans being needlessly killed each year by the medical establishment including the United States Congress and their judicial system. Who would have thought it would be 4.3 times safer to fight World War II than it has become to merely walk through the doors of the United States medical establishment?

    Cilla Mitchell