90 Miles From Tyranny : Fighting the Progressive News Machine In Technology Blogs

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fighting the Progressive News Machine In Technology Blogs

Has anyone ever noticed how the major technology blogs have a liberal bias?  Well I have and it is more than obvious; for instance, today on Wired, they have another effusive article on Stephen Colbert, they clearly have metro-sexual crushes on him.  Another article today on Wired is about Occupy Comics, which is devoted to the themes and ideas of the Occupy movement.  Now I consider the Occupy movement to be degenerate scum, parasites feeding off of the entrails of a dying superpower, a meme for progressive unthought; foul public poopers and pabulum processors that posses puny putrid protesting pacifist principles.  But I digress.

I did a search on Wired for "Stephen Colbert" dozens and dozens of loving articles appeared.  So my snarky self did a search for "Bill O'Reilly", dozens and dozens of negative articles appeared.  This is a technology blog engaging in partisan politics.  It is clear that on all levels of information that we receive, the progressive left are engaging in indoctrination of us and our children.  Well I say it is time to put our sunglasses on and reveal the slimy reptiles for what they are, we must join the battle!
In this article, the wired author calls the NYT a "relatively mainstream outlet". How many standard deviations left of the mean do you have to be to believe The New York Times is a relatively mainstream news outlet? This extremist, leftist rag has not endorsed a Republican candidate in hers or her parents lifetime. Think about that for a minute, they endorsed Barack Obama twice, Jimmy Carter twice, Michael Dukakis instead of Ronald Reagan, sex predator and chakra releaser Al Gore and John Kerry: North Korea's Darling, JOHN EFFING KERRY. Let that sink in for a few seconds.

If we non-leftists (and I use this term to describe all free market, non statist individualists), are to win, we need to fight the ubiquitous reach of the left, we need media that will compete and win against the leftist media machine that is U.S. media today.  We need this media on every level: sports, technology, fashion, culture, news, etc.  For the sake of freedom and liberty in the world, we non-leftists need to create this alternative media and we need to win, to dominate on every level.  

The things that entertain us, make us laugh, are the same.  Today's leftist media gets to choose what is important, what becomes news.  It is we that need to make these decisions in order to promote free market ideals, freedom and anti-socialism.  Many who read this are already bloggers, we need to up our game, support our own and conquer and dominate the media; we must fight the indoctrination with a devastating campaign of information from a free market perspective.  If not us, whom?

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