90 Miles From Tyranny : We All Need A Little More Grace...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We All Need A Little More Grace...

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  1. Oh come now. She might have been naive enough to believe her looks didn't win much of her acclaim, but you can't be. Like it or not, looks will cover anything from a quarter to three quarters of the bill, or charisma. Yeah, even the ugly have a chance if they are... persistent, attuned, focused, and engaging. Not always a good thing, a la Hitler and Stalin, though can work out well for those such as Churchill. Damn though. If she looked like the girl next door she wouldn't even be quoted, or remembered.

    Oh, and wasn't her daddy rich and famous as well? Yeah... Toots has no clue. Let them eat cake, she might as well have said, or grass? Though that quote was fake. Then again, as I mentioned, it's about perception, not truth... far too often.


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