Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Swedish teen gives harrowing account of latest mass sexual assault by Muslim migrant mob

Alexandra Larsson
A Swedish teenager is revealing the truth about what occurred at a music festival in Sweden, where Muslim men sexually assaulted roughly 35 girls aged 12 years-old to 17 years-old.

In an alarming report by the Daily Mail, Alexandra Larsson dropped all the details on how “foreign youth” sexually assaulted teenage girls in mass during the “Party in the Park” festival in Karlstad, Sweden.

Here’s how Larsson described the horrifying attack exactly how it happened:

“Everything was okay at the beginning of the evening,” Larsson said. “But things got out of hand during the last concert with John de Sohn that started at midnight.”

“At first we were pushed right up against the stage by the massive crowd. Everyone around us behaved really badly and my friends told a couple of boys to quieten down.”

“They were then threatened by the boys who said ‘you will die, b***h.’ But the verbal abuse was just beginning. It would become much worse.”

“We managed to walk away from those boys after a while and started watching the concert. That was when I felt the first touch against my bottom.”

“Then someone took the liberty of grabbing my...

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