Thursday, August 18, 2016

CNN forced to apologize for airing deceptively edited Milwaukee riot footage

You’ll probably know CNN as that network you only watch when you’re trapped in an airport, there’s no wifi, your laptop’s battery is dead, you don’t want to spend money on outdated print media, and you need something to look at while you slurp up your third watered-down Bloody Mary. For you it’s background noise, nothing more. However, there are apparently still people out there who regard it as a source of actual news. We’re not sure who those poor, ill-informed, souls are, but we’ve been assured that, yes, they really do exist.

Thanks to CNN’s deceptive editing, those folks believe that the woman in the following clip was calling for an end to the violence that recently engulfed Milwaukee. As you’ll see, they’ve been lied to.

Far from calling for an end to the fires, she was actually calling for the fires to be moved to the suburbs. There, presumably, the “appropriate” people would be targeted.

CNN was caught trying to sell the concept of the “peaceful protester” rather than admit the truth of...

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